Ocean Sales, LLC is a strategically oriented HR business services firm providing Executive Recruitment, Workforce Planning, Recruitment Process and Onboarding Process Development with 20 years' experience in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources operations.

Ocean Sales has unparalleled access to premier talent around the globe working with boards, C-Suites and senior management teams (Project Executives, Project Managers, President, VP, GM), across every discipline. We've built our stellar reputation on our in-depth understanding of client industries and company personalities; then, developed our HR processes and talent acquisition strategies to complement these critical aspects of each company. We leverage this foundation while recruiting high performing individuals that are aligned to our clients' corporate operations, business culture, product or services delivery and social values - a formula for success! Our goal is to create an effective and pleasant staffing & recruiting experience, collectively share knowledge, expand our professional networks and continue to open doors for career growth.



Ocean Sales, LLC. specializes in staffing for construction management, operations and trades in the US and internationally.  Clients include prime and subcontractors to private and US Government Agencies (no direct US Gov’t contracts at this time).  Recruitment specialization in hostile and war zone operational conditions with broad reach in safe environments as well.


Energy – EPC, EPCM, Owners Rep & Advisors, Consultants and Subcontractors

Power Generation – Traditional Fossil, Renewables and Waste-Energy

Oil, Gas, Chemicals – Refineries, Chemical Plants, LNG Processing, Upstream / Downstream / Exploration; Wharfs, Distribution, Storage Tanks, Rail Operations

Mining & Metals – Barge Based, Deep Mining Operations, Land based; Processing


Roles: Project Directors, Legal, Contracts & Procurement, Project Managers, Construction Site Managers, Project Engineers, Project Controls, Quality & Safety, Engineering Manager, Project Finance Management, Commercial Managers, Trades – Labor Brokering


Energy - Project Developers

Roles: CEO, General Counsel, Commercial Director, Financial Manager, Marketing Manager (Offtake), PM Pipeline Development, HR, Engineering Manager, Project Controls, Procurement, Contracts, Human Resources


US Government Sensitive Projects up to TOP SECRET (SCI, SBI, POLY)

Department of Defense, USACE, NAVFAC, 3-Letter Agencies

Department of State, Overseas Building Operations (OBO) -Diplomatic Compounds, US Embassies, US Consulates, MSGRs, DSS, Controlled Access Areas and SCIFs.


Roles: Project Managers, Project Engineers, Security Management (FSO, SSM, CSM), Project Controls, Quality and Safety Managers, Contracts and Procurement, Cleared American Workers (CAW) – All Trades, Construction Surveillance Technicians (CST) and Cleared American Guards / Escorts (CAG)


Aerospace + Defense (Security Clearances)

Cybersecurity, Manufacturing, All roles.