"Erik was incredibly consultative and proactive in helping me communicate, recruit and hire great talent for the Bechtel University Leadership Academy. He also represented Bechtel's values and our unique value proposition extremely well through screening calls. Lastly, following interviews with candidates, Erik helped my team refine what we were looking for and, ultimately, make the right decision on who to hire. It took him 3 months to accomplish what had previously taken me over a year. I'd work with Erik again in a heartbeat!"

Gad Nestel, Dean
Bechtel Leadership Academy

"Erik is a passionate and driven talent acquisition manager. He clearly researched not only the position he was seeking me to fill but the company and the business units impacted by the role. One of the most difficult parts of the recruiting process, particularly in a large corporation, is maintaining regular communication. Erik excels at being the point person for open and clear communication between multiple divisons of the organization and the potential hire. His thoroughness and resume knowledge ensured that the company's first written impression of me clearly reflected my capabilities. I highly recommend him for his professionalism, ability to find qualified candidates for the most difficult job openings, and the passionate way he markets the hiring organization."

RD Koser, Manager, Training & Development
Monogram Foods

"I work with Erik and his team helping them to build strategies that allow them to target, attract, and retain top tier talent. Working with Erik over the last year has been terrific! In the fast paced and detailed world of recruiting, communication is critical when looking for top level talent. It’s great working with Erik because he really goes out of his way to help and make sure that you understand his business and his needs. While involved with any engagement he’s extremely responsive and great at giving feedback. I strongly recommend him due to his work ethic and commitment to success."
Kristina Eschenburg, Enterprise Sales Manager

"I've used Erik several times to deliver quality individuals for our organization. Erik developed a strong working relationship with me by listening to what we needed in a candidate and thinking outside the box to deliver those candidates exactly as we described. I will continue to work with Erik because he remains committed to listening to our needs and working relentlessly to deliver on those needs each and every time."
Tony DeStefano, SPHR, GPHR, Senior HR Director